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Rencontre mensuelle MTL + ECOMMERCE avec un conférencier international / 18h00 à 21h00

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Salle 510-ABCD - niveau 5

L'événement MTL + ECOMMERCE est inclut dans le forfait de la journée.
MTL + ECOMMERCE est un regroupement de passionnés de développement eCommerce à Montréal.
En tant que partenaire, la rencontre mensuelle MTL + ECOMMERCE aura lieu à la suite de l'événement eCommerce-Québec.


=== Agenda ===

6:00 PM Networking
6:30 PM Opening Remarks & Introduction
6:35 PM Presentation #1 > Topic: Using Story & Data To Increase Average Order Value And Conversion Rate by Justin Adler.
6:50 PM Q&A on 1st presentation
7:00 PM Presentation #2 >  Topic: The Secrets To Highly Converting Email Campaigns by Jason Ernst
7:30 PM Q&A on 2nd presentation
7:40 PM Closing comments & Announcements
7:50 - 9:00 PM Networking

Biographie : Justin Adler – Product & Marketing Manager – SourceKnowledge

Justin Adler is the head of product & marketing for the Montreal-based ad tech company SourceKnowledge. He previously worked for Frank & Oak, where he was Community Marketing Manager and Keeward Ventures where he was product manager. Over the course of his career, he’s had projects featured in TechCrunch, Billboard magazine, and at SXSW.


Display and search ads fail to consistently bring customers with a higher AOV and conversion rate. Building a strong brand story is part of the answer. Testing the creatives and integrating ad buying with your ESP to factor in purchase value when buying ads in real time is anther key component to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Biographie : Jason Ernst - Director Of Sales – Listrak

Jason Ernst is the Director of sales at Listrak, a leading digital marketing platform that allows omnichannel retailers to reach their audience through email marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing and more. His driven by a passion to help retailers optimize their digital marketing campaigns by engaging customers with timely, relevant, personalized, shoppable messages across multiple channels.


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    Ambroise Debret

    Président / Comité Commerce Électronique

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    Charles Brun

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  • MTL+Ecommerce Jason Ernst

    Jason Ernst

    Director Of Sales / Listrak

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    Justin Adler

    Product & Marketing Manager / SourceKnowledge